Going to church can be unnerving...
We don't want it to be!

Lot's of folks haven't been to church in a long time,  or ever. Maybe that's you. Maybe you grew up in a staunchly traditional church and the idea of something like Nicholson is intimidating. We answered a few basic questions to help you

  • What is it like? Our service at 10AM is about 60-75 minutes long. Our band sings 3-4 songs and some folks sing along in the crowd. (We put all the words on the screen, and invite you to sing or just listen!) We have an offering time, where you never have to feel obligated, and communion where we remember Jesus death for us, and a message/sermon from the Bible 
  • What about my kids? Your kids are more than welcome to sit with you, or we have age appropriate programming for kids from birth- 5th Grade. Our kids team puts on an INCREDIBLE fun and memorable hour for your kids to learn about Jesus on their level. 
  • Where do I park? If you have kids, we recommend parking near the welcome center,  on the side parking lot. No kids? The best parking spots are in the back all the way down the hill and you can walk right in!
  • What do I wear? We've got a variety of folks wearing a variety of things. Some people dress in T-Shirts and Jeans, some folks in business casual, we've seen it all. Come comfortable! 
  • How can I get connected? Have more questions we didn't answer? want to know more? Reach out to a staff member on the staff page and we'll be happy to help!