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Our Mission:

NCC Student Ministries exist to help students become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ by teaching them to OWN their relationship with God, SERVE the church, REACH those who don’t know Jesus, and IMAGE Christ with their lifestyles.


OWN, SERVE, REACH, and IMAGE are our four “Amplifiers.” We hope to invest in our students’ lives by teaching them to do these four things in our gatherings and special events.


Notice that the mission statement behind everything we do is to HELP students become fully-devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Our conviction is that we can’t accomplish this goal alone!


A Partnership:

It may surprise you, but as parents you’re the most influential person in your children’s lives – yes even when they are teenagers! We want to provide an excellent environment where your students can connect with others and grow in their faith. We also want to tap into the enormous potential for the building of faith in your kids…YOU! We believe the most effective way that we can fulfill our mission is to partner with you, the parents, in leading students into a growing relationship with Jesus. Think about it like this: 


  • The avg. church has about 40 hrs. per year to influence a life.

  • The avg. parent has about 3,000 hrs. per year to influence their child.


We are on your team and would love to come behind you as you invest in the next generation! Our hope is that you will resolve to be the primary spiritual leader in the life of your teen. We will work diligently to be a valuable resource for you in that journey!


All of us are a part of God’s bigger story and are wired to desire to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. It is vital to have opportunities to grow, be encouraged, be challenged, and live a life worthy of the calling that Jesus has on our lives. That is what we are inviting students to be a part of.


Many of our programs and events will require time out of your busy schedule and some of them will cost money. We want you to know that we consistently take those factors into our planning and decision-making as we work to be a blessing and not burden. With that said, we do believe the investment of time and other resources will be well worth the return. We have witnessed it in the past and are currently seeing it.


When the family and the church link arms instead of pointing the finger of responsibility for the spiritual growth of the next generation, AMAZING things happen!


We would love to have you join us on this journey to see what ripples we can make in the story that God is writing. 


What We Do


We invite you to come to Amplify Sunday nights at 6:15. Amplify is a special program for junior high and high school students chock full of games, discussion about God, a short message from the Bible that is relevant to teens' lives, worship through song, and free food!


Life Groups

We have Life Groups for junior high and high school students that meet every Sunday morning at 9:30. During Life Groups, we have discussion based learning centered around the Bible where we are able to ask and answer the question, "How is God calling me to respond to His Word?"


Move Out

Our biggest event of the year is Move Out. Move Out is a summer service trip where our students move outside the walls of our church and into our community to share the love of Jesus. During this trip, we intentionally live out the call of Jesus to meet the needs of others.