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Hi! My name is Tawnya Kordenbrock. I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate with a private practice called A Renewed Life Counseling.


I've had my office at Nicholson Christian Church since the Spring of 2013.

It is my honor to serve you and the people of Independence by providing professional Christian counseling.


My Work

My goal is to help you heal and grow in your emotions, your relationships, and in your walk with Christ.


I work with adults who feel stuck in unhealthy patterns of living. 

I help individuals move beyond depression, anxiety, or chronic grief. I also help you develop healthy relationship boundaries and learn healthier communication styles. 


Many of my clients have come from backgrounds of abuse, chaos, or neglect and struggle with relationships and emotions. I work with these people to re-examine internal messages they received concerning their own value, the safety of others, and the power and love of God. 


We then re-frame your story and those messages into what God intended for you. I help you grieve your past, throw off self-defeating relational patterns, and learn how to handle conflict yet remain emotionally intact.


For couples, I help you figure out the cycle of interaction that keeps you from feeling heard and valued. We then work toward structuring a nurturing cycle that brings life back to your marriage and helps you be "on the same page" again.


Find Out More

To get you started on your journey, I have a FREE ebook geared toward renewing your mind with Scripture. I also have tons of free articles about all these topics on my website at ARenewedLife.com/blog.


You can find out more of my story here: ARenewedLife.com/about.

Connect with me via email by going here: ARenewedLife.com/contact.

Or, just give me a call at 859-468-7534.