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Welcome to the
2019 Summer Day Camps
at Nicholson Christian Church!
New in 2019! We are offering ADULT ONLY events through our summer camp series! These events are just for adults! Pricing and registration information can be found below! Sign up today - these will fill up!

We didn't forget the adults... ADULT ONLY events are here! Parents, grandparents, other adults... we wanted to provide you an opportunity for time to yourselves. To grow closer together. To meet other parents and adults. To have grown-up conversation. And of course... to have tons of fun!

Below you find four events just for you! Each event is priced according to the admission price for the activity, however registrations are required in advance. Once the event is full, it is full. Space is limited. 

Lastly, we want to make this easy, so we will offer childcare at the church for any of your children in 5th grade or below. This service is available at a donation-only rate to support missions projects within our student ministry. 

Dodgeball... Adults Only @ NCC!

Friday, June 21st - 7-8:30pm

Come throw balls are your spouse and friends. This event is sure to be a ton of fun!

This event is FREE but registration is required

Archery... Adults Only @ Archery Arena in West Chester, OH

Friday, July 12th - 7pm

If dodgeball wasn't enough, come plan an archery-style game in an awesome arena with crossbows! Childcare will be offered at NCC and we will meet at the arena in West Chester, OH.

This event is $21 per player (price includes 1 hour of play and supplies)

Escape Rooms... Adults Only @ Sherlock's Escape Rooms in Florence, KY

Friday, July 26th - 7pm

Join together with other adults and get locked in a room... What could be better? Oh, that's right... escaping the fastest! Childcare will be offered at NCC and we will meet at the escape rooms location in Florence. 

This event is $26 per person

Whodunnit... Adults Only @ NCC

Friday, August 9th - 6-9pm

Just like our popular Whodunnit camp... but for adults! We will all take on roles and try to figure out WHODUNNIT. Don't miss this awesome night of fun and mystery!

This event is FREE but registration is required